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About us


The herbal blends of our teas, have been prepared under the strict control by the Nepali Ayurvedic physician Dr. Ka Dev Jha, who studied at the State University of Ayurvedic medicine in Patna and at the Faculty of Medicine at the University in Benaras.

During the sixties, he was in the service of the Nepali Ministry of Health, and in 1971–1997, he worked at the faculty hospital of the oldest Ayurvedic University, Nara Devi, in Nepal.

He is currently cooperating with, and consulting many Ayurvedic medical companies.

We are proud and overjoyed to be distributing these original, pure and certified blends of Ayurvedic herbs, throughout Spain, and have been doing so, over the last 4 years.

The goal of our company is to spread the message of Ayurvedic medicine, a healthy lifestyle, and a simple way to make yourself feel better

Spring background: Fresh green fern leaves growing from the tree.